Check some of the included components

Instead of having a content library locally on the computer, all included families have been pre-loaded into the template.

The graphics of most symbols have been modified to match EN ISO 7010:2020.

Each unique country template also has its own symbols to match existing standards.

For Revit 2020 & 2021:

  • All compartmentations for wall requirements belong to the Generic Models

  • All other symbols are Fire Alarm devices

  • Compartmentations in the engineering model use Spaces.

For Revit 2022:

  • Wall & opening fire rating requirements are Fire Protection

  • Requirements about the door environment are Security devices

  • Signage has been introduced

  • Components for Mechanical engineers are found in Mechanical Equipment

  • Components for the electrical engineers are found in Electrical Equipment

  • ISO 7010:2020 symbols are still in Fire Alarm Devices, which can be used for evacuation plans.

  • Comments and Split walls are Communication Devices

All symbols have three sizes. 1_S(small), 1_M(medium) and 1_L (large)

as Instance parameters.

In general, these sizes mean that the symbols have these dimensions in the model

The Generic models/Fire Protection that symbolize fire compartmentation for walls have a 3D text showing the requirements in 3D

and elevations/section views while in Detail Level: Fine.


All parameters that are supposed to be sent to other stakeholders; have a prefix “FireReq_” instead of just “Fire_”.This is to emphasize that it is a Fire Requirement.

All other parameters that control the object still have the prefix “Fire_”.

The parameter Fire_Base has been updated to Fire_Elevation to control the elevation of the symbols.


All materials and assets have been updated with the prefix “fire_