Export DWG

Here comes a few tips when exporting DWG’s from an engineering model.


Start by creating a separate set of views to export or alternative have just a view template to apply.


In the export, views make sure that the links in the project are all turned off.

Revit 2020-2021

Generic Model, Fire Alarm device and Spaces are visible.

Revit 2022 - 

Generic Model, Fire Alarm Devices, Fire Protection, Mechanical Equipment, Security Devices, Signage, Electrical Equipment, and Spaces.


There are a few ways to export a floor plan. This is one suggestion, using duplicated views for the views for sheets. 


Select the views, and connect the Fire_Export template.

Note: Might need two different depending views, because when exporting DWG's and color schemes, all symbols within the hatch will create "holes" when that layer is turned off. So one export with just color schemes and one with all other symbols. Then the views need to disconnect the view template to be able to control this.


Choose which floor plans to export, recommended is to create a set with all the dependent views.

Because the different requirements for compartmentations for walls are subcategories, it might be necessary to explode the generic models/fire protection.