• Minor changes in Legal, new VAT number, contact, etc.
  • Import functionality only works with string parameters.
  • Updated workflow for horizontal compartmentation to avoid “thin lines” in sections.
  • Added BS parameters in the German components and Template
  • Added over 70 new symbols in the German template.
  • BFT Netherlands and Finland are released.
  • New specific dutch symbols for the dutch region.
  • BFT Sweden, Norway, UK, Denmark and Germany 2020 / 2021 gets version 1.3.0
  • BFT Netherlands & Finlands 2020 / 2021 gets version 1.0.0
  • BFT 2022 gets version 1.1.0
  • Changed location for templates, to C:\Program Files\BIMFIRE\BIMFIREXX\2022\ProjectTemplates
  • New workflows when creating new projects, working with IFC, QA etc.
  • New help-page, 
    • Better categorization
    • The possibility to search in the knowledge base
    • Create a ticket straight from knowledgebase to the BFT team.
    • Give feedback directly to the BFT team if the article needs to be more clear.



  • All content has been updated to match ISO 3864-1/-2/-3/-4
  • Slimmed the template to include fewer views from the beginning, all view templates still exist to recreate.
  • Adaptive family for compartmentations replaces ellipse family.
  • In Swedish template there has been included a Truss compartmentation family
  • In Swedish template there has been included a Column compartmentation family.
  • Updated Sketch title blocks to include more parameters.
  • Evacuation route direction has been modified to visualize requirements better.
  • Prepared template for opening requirement and wall requirement for IFC bridge.
  • Includes Requirements for Structural Truss and Structural Columns.
  • View filters are updated to match with the new function Dense Compartment.
  • Included CIBSE content.
  • Updated parameters to include the CIBSE requirements
  • Made it easier to create personal evacuation plan tags for all symbols.
  • Symbols in Norwegian templates have been updated such as texts
  • Added several view types, which are connected to view templates.
  • Added parameters for FireExits, general comments on components via Fire_EvacuationRouteDirection family.


  • Added the possibility to change the distance between symbols in Legend tool
  • Dense Compartment adds a door or a window requirement with the rating “unconnected” on all unconnected openings on a connected wall. The risk of missing an opening will decrease and makes it easier to find new openings in an update.
  • Search Connect, select all objects in the engineering model that is connected to an object.
  • Audit Trail now includes changes in Wall types / Wall Heights.
  • Updated with new icons and layout.


  • Released closed BETA for acoustic engineers for Revit 2022.
  • Possibility to add different requirements for Spaces
  • Add any opening requirements, either manual or multiple objects.
  • Add wall requirements
  • Audit trail
    • Resolve changes
  • Reset symbols to linked objects.
  • Create delivery packages
  • Possibility to connect any requirement to any linked object.

IFC Bridge

  • Released closed BETA for engineers for Revit 2022.
  • Adds the possibility to work with IFC’s from ArchiCAD
  • Click on a wall or opening and compartmentation will connect to the ArchiCAD object and follow the same wall height and length.
  • Use Connect fire rating to automatically connect compartmentations to openings or walls by copy/paste.
  • Manually connect/disconnect engineering objects to the linked model
  • Connect any chosen component to a linked object
  • Use Audit trail to track changes in the IFC, both modified in location, change in length and height, and if the object has been deleted.
  • Automatically update components that need to be modified or deleted
  • Manually update components that need to be modified or deleted.