• Learning and help up and running on
  • BFT 2020 / 2021 gets number 1.0.0


  • General improvement of content 
  • General bugfixes, improved speed.
  • Removed BETA in NO / SE
  • Fire compartmentation for walls now have invisible lines in section, to show where it is placed but also an arrow to show which side is start point for asymmetric top 
  • Added small guide of reminders how to the FSE process on the front page 
  • Norwegian, UAE & UK template now have alternative Fire-resistant door family that can be used with Family Connection. 
  • BETATemplate UAE can be downloaded from cryptlex 
  • Added more colour fill options for UK & UAE
  • Added individual yes/no parameters to each technical installation



  • When Connect Fire Ratings can’t connect an instance, it adds the value “ – “ instead of leaving the parameter blank. 
  • BETA BFT for Denmark
  • Place opening requirements handles openings differently from before.
  • Dialogue window for Connect Fire Ratings redone. 
  • General UI changes in dialogue boxes.
  • Manage Connection had an overhaul and renamed Audit Trail. 
  • Added Resolve selected changes, Update the selected FSE items after modified linked objects
  • Added Reset selected, which will reset the position of the FSE object to linked object and update Fire_GUID.
  • Legend Tools – Added possibility to run entire project, which creates a legend for all components in the model. 
  • Import mapping – Simplified, the lists of parameters have been shortened by filtering out all Type parameters and only showing Instance parameters. 
  • Connect spaces have been moved under Family Connection. 
  • Removed Update Wall values