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Changelogg 1.3.0 to BETA 

BIMFIRE Tools have been updated to fit the international market, where the different rulesets for different countries are tried to be met. 

User interface 

The User interface have been simplified to make it easier for beginners to start using BIMFIRE Tools. The methodology using BIMFIRE have been more streamlined to increase the design process. 

New set of icons for all functions



Default parameters to delivery to other stakeholders in the project, now have a prefix “FireReq_” instead of “Fire_”. This should clarify that the parameters delivered are the requirement from the Fire Safety Engineer (FSE). 

Parameters to control the dimensions on the families, GUID, info etc still have “Fire_” as a prefix to differentiate the two different parameters. 

Content have been updated to be in three sizes, small (symbols are in general 500x500mm), Medium (1000x1000mm) and Large (1500x1500mm). The size is controlled by instance with parameters 1_S, 1_M & 1_L. 

General update for the visual style of the content to mimic SS-EN ISO 7010:2020 

Increased the number of families included in the installation. 


When installing BIMFIRE tools the user will automatically get a customized Revit FSE template with all content pre-loaded, view sorting, export setup, title blocks, delivery parameter setup, legend template and other nifty features. 

Country specific 

Now there are three country specific installations with matching Revit Template. 

United Kingdom 




Architect installer 

Now the import installer for the architect will appear under add-in instead of creating an own tab.



*UPDATED* Settings 



Choose to always work with linked models or within the architect model. Feature which reduces clicks in half during design process. Pre-set which parameters always to work with for Fire resistance for Walls, Doors, Windows and fire compartment functionality. 


*UPDATED* Connect spaces 



Connect spaces have been improved to connect spaces to rooms in the architect model.  

*UPDATED* Legend tool 


Added the possibility to create a template just from the current view to fast create just one legend.  


*UPDATED* Place fire ratings for walls. 




Place fire ratings have had a huge lift where it is now possible to add your three mostly used families into shortcuts.  


This makes it possible to easily create keyboard shortcuts to fast place your wall requirement boundaries. 


As always, it is possible to manually change the fire requirement in the model to the more unusual requirements. 

*NEW* Family shortcuts 



Instead of searching in the drop-down family for content when designing, add your favourite / most used content to shortcuts.  

 Easily add keyboard shortcuts to the buttons to increase the speed when designing. 


*NEW* Family connections 


Connect family works the same as you know and love. 


Added three buttons to add your favourite component to connect requirements to any component in the link, anything from door fittings to opening clearance.  





*NEW* Under construction, BETA functions. 





Select all evacuation route instances in a route, run the tool and it will add all length and type it on all those instances’ comment. To fast check the total length for an evacuation. 



When using tools as an architect, if the fire compartmentation symbols has updated graphically, this will update the value on FireReq_FireRatingWall on the wall 



When using tools as an architect, if the fire requirement symbols has updated graphically, this will update the value on FireReq_FireRatingDoor / FireReq_FireRatingWindow on the opening. 

*UPDATED* Import from link 


When sending the import button to the Architect, they now do not get an own tab. The tool has been moved to Add-ins tab under an own panel.