Occupancy load functionality is always evolving, where more features handling relations between different compartmentations will be included in each release. 

For the tool to work fully work, these parameters are necessary for the project.

  • Fire_EgressCapacityFactor: Manually enter factor.
  • Fire_CooupantLoadFactor: Manually enter factor.
  • Fire_CompartmentationReference: Manually enter factor.
  • Fire_EgressWidth: The egress width of the space.
  • Fire_OccupantLoad: The occupant load of the space.
  • Fire_CompartmentArea: The total area of all spaces with the same Compartmentation reference.
  • FireReq_TotalEgressWidth: The total egress width of all spaces with the same Compartmentation reference. 
  • FireReq_TotalOccupantLoad: The total occupant load of all spaces with the same Compartmentation reference. 

Follow the workflow below.


Start by placing spaces in the compartment. This enables the possibility to combine them into one fire compartment.


Open Analyze → Space


Group all the spaces in a compartment using the Fire_CompartmentationReference. 


In this example, the combination [Level][Number] will be used.

Example, 0301.


Group all compartmentation on the level. Use a color fill included in the template to easier control that everything is included


Define the Egress Capacity Factor and Occupant Load Factor on each room in the compartments.


These are used to calculate egress width/occupant load in the selected space.


Run the tool, these parameters will be updated

  1. Fire_OccupantLoad: Occupant load for each space.
  2. Fire_EgressWidth: Egress width for each space.
  3. Fire_CompartmentArea: Total Area of the compartment.

Here are shown with tags for each room. In Revit 2020/2021 there are only tags to show value for each room, no parameters.

Parameters calculated on each space withing the compartment 0301


The total egress width and occupant loads of all the spaces within the compartments are also calculated and shown under FireReq_TotalEgressWidth FireReq_TotaOccupantLoad.

Use the tag Fire_SpaceTag_OccupantLoadCompartment to show the values in plan.