The acoustic template has a few view types included. This will result in easier setting up project from start, and automatically sort views into the project browser.


After using the copy/monitor function, go to View → Plan Views → Floor plans.

 In the template, there are a few view types included


  • Audit trail, to track changes in the linked model using BFT Audit trail
  • Original views, always start creating these.
  • Views for sheet – Acoustic Room Rating: when the rooms only have dB requirements.
  • Views for sheet – dB(A) / dB(C): when the rooms have dB(A) and dB(C) requirements.
  • Work views


As mentioned above, always first create the original views first. Then create the rest of the views. 


This will result in this virtual folder in every project. The last expansion which is collapsed here show the floor plans.