From ArchiCAD, it's necessary to export one schedule/excel from each category. There will be one excel for i.e. Wall, Doors, and Windows. 

Open the excel file that is sent from the Architect, which is a schedule from ArchiCAD with agreed-upon parameters.

The picture below will be in Swedish, but the text will refer to English formulas and tabs.

May vary by region.

Go to the tab, Data, link data from text/CSV file.


Read in the file, doing nothing else



=XLOOKUP(C3;'IFC Door Rating Export (3)'!B:B;'IFC Door Rating Export (3)'!C:C;"-")


XLOOKUP checks for the Value in Row C3, and sees if it exists in column B, in sheet IFC Door Rating Export (3).

If it exists, write the value from column C in sheet IFC Door Rating Export (3), but. if it does not exist write the value "-"

How the IFC Door Rating Export (3) sheet look like.


End with copy the entire column, and use Paste -> Values Only

Read more about transforming formula to text

See video here: