In the BFT template, there is included an export 3D view which it's possible to export IFC.

Firstly in every project, turn off that the linked model is not visible. This is not necessary for the export but it will give a clearer view of what the export will look like.

Go to export IFC

Go to Modifysetup ...

Create a new setup, so it can be used several times in the project. Then read the BIM execution plan on which Coordination system to be used and last which IFC version. If nothing is mentioned, use Coordination Base: Project Base Point and IFC 2x3.

In Addition Content, select Export only elements visible in view, and export spaces. This gives the user control to choose what to export.

Generally enable to export Revit property sets. In some projects it's necessary to export using a user-defined property set, this will be stated in the BIM execution plan, content the BIM coordinator for more information. 

There is a BFT User defined property set that can be used, which will place all requirement in a tab, Fire Requirements.

If using BFT User defined property set it's not necessary to export Revit Property Sets.

Choose which location and file name to save the file, recommended to save it in an export folder with the dates in its name in the project model folder.