Attach at the bottom is a BFT User defined property set file that can be used and manipulated for each project.

It's possible to define which Revit parameter should be exported with the IFC, and under which tab in the IFC the values should be placed. It is also possible to actually rename parameters to something completely. 

The User defined property set file is text file, that can be edited by any user.

Every row with a # will not be read by Revit, so it's just comments within the file

  1. The tab name in the IFC
  2. Instance or Type parameters, BFT users will always use Instance (I).
  3. Which IFC classes (objects) should be effected, IfcProduct means "everything". Could have been "IfcDoor, IfcWall" etc.
  4. Which parameter in Revit to export.
  5. What kind of parameter to export, such as Area, Label (text parameter), Length.
  6. The parameter name in the IFC export. In this scenario FireReq_FireRatingWall should be named "ForHelpPage_FireRatingWall. Change to what is required in the project. Talk to the BIM Coordinator.

In IFC Export Setup,add the BFT_Property_Set.txt file in Export user defined property sets

The result: