When sending an Engineering model to the other stakeholder it is recommended to confirm that the model keeps a certain standard. Below shows an example of what such a checklist may look like.

ActionApproved / Comment
3D Model
Latest-model downloaded / linked
All requirements are connected to linked objects, read more.

Checked Audit Trail for changes / deleted objects. read more

All wall compartmentation goes level to level / follows the architect model.
Check for misplaced instances.
Space objects are enclosed.

Sheets contain the correct information about the project

Updated Legends on sheets

All views are placed in the same location on sheets

Revit model
Correct Project information
Detached from central
All links removed except Achitect model.

All views, legend views, sheets (leave START VIEW) deleted
Purged unused, four times
Synchronized with Compact Central Model, and released all worksets.

Exported with the agreed coordination system
With/Without 3D text (Visible in view) 
With/Without Spaces
Used attached User Defined Property Set when exported (edit when necessary).